Maintenance and Calibration works for Analyzers and Gas detectors in PIC plants. PM, BD, Trouble shooting in Plant Analyzer Instruments.
• Supply of skilled & semi-skilled manpower, Equipment and Material.
• Installation & Maintenance of Mechanical, Electrical,
Instrumentation & Civil Works (Trouble Shooting & Overhaul of Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Compressors & Pumps, Overhauling 14 of Gear Boxes, Agitators, Valves).
• Maintenance of Heat Exchangers, columns, Vessels, Re-Tubing, Plate Heat Exchangers.
• HT/LT cable Laying, Testing and Maintenance.
• Electrical Installation and Maintenance – Plant, Switchgear and Cabling.
• Installation & Maintenance of Electrical Motors & Transformers.
• Rewinding & Overhauling of Electrical Motors & Transformers.
• Installation and Maintenance of Instrumentation and Control Systems.
• KPI Maintenance Management.
• Maintenance of Instrument Analyzers & Gas Detection Systems